Prosthetics of Mind

We create and curate XR content.

Using game engine technology combined with biometrics, we create

Alternative Meditative Experiences








To address the powerlessness, boredom and disconnection that comes with critical health situations.


As physical beings enclosed in layers of skin, we have little direct access to our insides. When ill, feelings of powerlessness can set in at the inability to communicate with our organs. We aim to fix this feeling by creating a prosthetic link to our insides.


Hospital environments can feel cold, clinical, and drab. We aim to create sensorially choreographed content that teleports the participant into space designed to inspire.


The combination of biometric feedback with affect inducing content creates a loop of positive agency, powering up the participants vital force.


Connect with your insides or your friends or random players from around the world.

Options to connect on whatever level feels comfortable to the participant.


Through the creation and curation of interactive art projects that produce a revitalizing affect in the participant we aim to relieve the powerlessness, bordom and dissconnection felt when experiencing health care scenarios. Whether you are the patient, the partner, the nurse, the doctor, the parent or child we hope to uplift your spirit and give you strength to carry on.



To CREATE research driven artistic biometric XR explorations that are grounded in patient experience feedback.

To RESEARCH the effects of interactive art and revitalizing affect on patient experience.

To SUBSIDIZE the implementation of XR into Hospitals for Patient Experience.

To REVIEW existing games through the lense of our research studies.


“Technology has the power to heal, to rehabilitate and to even extend human experience and capability”

Hugh Herr  |  Renowned neuro-prosthetics Researcher


Our Story

This company was founded by Wendy Whaley in 2018.  After a few years of her husband Marc's mounting medical issues much of 2017 was spent in hospitals.  Marc had a spine surgery and then a month long stay hospital due to complications with a heart attack. During this time Wendy stayed by his side as he was in a medically induced coma for the majority of the time and she wanted to ensure everyone involved was careful of his fragile bones.  She found the medical imaging to be the most interesting part of the days and imagined herself inside Marc's body, helping him heal.  The rest of the time was truly cold, clinical, and downright disturbing. This led her to envision tools to cure the powerlessness, bordom and disconnection she felt. Although she was not at that time a patient herself, she extrapolated her experience to that of the patients that were conscious, and of the medical staff.  Out of this experience came the Coenesthetic Aesthetic. The Coenesthetic Aesthetic is a multi-modal, multi-sensory aesthetic that pairs biometrics with virtual reality and surreal synesthetic content to produce revitalizing affect in the participant.

Wendy Whaley has a 20 year history in the visual effects industry, where she worked at IMAX, Cinesite UK, Digital Domain, Method Studios, Technicolour, Spin VFX, Embassy VFX, in roles of CG Lead, Senior Compositor, Head of Compositing, VFX Supervisor and Stereographer. In 2010 she co-founded String Theory VFX where she brought in and successfully created work for IMAX, Relativity Media, Paramount Pictures.  Along with production and post production VFX, Wendy served as Artistic Advisor on the Reasearch and Development team at IMAX. Having originally graduated OCAD integrated Media in 1996 where she specialized in holography and interactive installation art, she returned to research and received an MFA from OCADU Interdisciplinary Art Media and Design where she worked with Virtual Reality and biometrics and created the Coenesthetic Aesthetic. Along with being the driving force behind Prosthetics of Mind, Wendy now teaches 3D modelling and animation focusing on embodiment and immersion in the Integrated Media Department of the Faculty of Art at OCADU.

Wendy's film credits include Harry Potter 3, 5, 6, 7, Ironman, Thor, Hubble 3D,  and many more, her artist site can be found at

How we work


We begin with research studies into the creation of a revitalizing affect. These studies produce an deeper understanding of our autonomic responses, allowing us to index systems, objects, sounds, motions and interactions that are likely to create this affect. 

Our system is based on the Coenesthetic Aesthetic, a multi-modal, multi-sensory aesthetic that incorporates biometrics with VR in an effort to form a revitalizing affect.  This research is based on studies in cognitive neuro prosthetics research that shows that by choreographing synchronous sensory perceptions, a participant can gain a sense of body integration over non body objects.  The Coenesthetic Aesthetic takes this one step further and uses this system as a pathway to inject positivity directly into the body image.

Game Development

We plan and develop the incorporation of revitalizing affects into the world.  As a film crew does dailies, we do play throughs.

Release and distribution

Teaser Game will release on Steam August 2019,  update to full game end of 2020.  Regular updates will follow, new environments, new customizations, now interactions all the time.