We are a boutiques VFX and digital innovation studio.

We believe that subconsciously connecting to the mind of the audience is key to delivering excellence in creative VFX.

We use a mix of art, technology and research to create ground breaking work.


A Symbiotic Partnership Between Art and Technology

Creative Director Wendy Whaley and Technology Director Paul Judkins have teamed up to create a collaboration between art and technology that harnesses the power of both to expand human potential.


Paul Judkins Bio

Former Senior Director & Head of IMAX Image Technology. Paul is thankful to have had the opportunity to work with some of the best talents and companies in the fields of Computer Science, Film making, Content Creation, VR, AR, Consumer Electronics.

Paul is the Co-inventor of IMAX's DMR Technology that converts traditional “Hollywood” formats to IMAX large format theatres. This is a technology and workflow that has successfully enabled the largely automated processing of massive amounts of image data for the "day and date" conversion of all IMAX Hollywood releases since the first conversion of "Apollo 13" in 2002 to the present. This has enabled top directors to work with the underlying image technology to achieve the best visual version of their projects.

Paul is the Co-inventor of IMAX's 2D to 3D Conversion Technology. Invented and implemented the workflow that enabled conversion of 2D “Hollywood” movies to full 3D stereo theatrical presentation.

He served as Lead Technical Expert and Witness in international lawsuits regarding technology and Intellectual Property. These include an IP theft court action in Beijing China as well as patent infringement cases in the US Federal Court in Los Angeles and litigation in New York and Atlanta.

Wendy Whaley Bio

Wendy has a 20 year history in the visual effects industry, where she worked at IMAX, Cinesite UK, Digital Domain, Method Studios, Technicolour, Spin VFX, Embassy VFX. In 2010 she co-founded String Theory VFX where she created and successfully delivered work for IMAX, Relativity Media, Paramount Pictures. Along with production and post production VFX, Wendy served as Artistic Advisor on the Research and Development team at IMAX. Wendy has an MFA from OCADU Interdisciplinary Art Media and Design. She has worked with Virtual Reality and biometrics and created the Coenesthetic Aesthetic. The Coenesthetic Aesthetic is a multi-modal, multi-sensory aesthetic that pairs biometrics with virtual reality and surreal synesthetic content to produce revitalizing affect in the participant. Wendy's film credits include Harry Potter 3, 5, 6, 7, Ironman, Thor, Hubble 3D, and many more. 

Wendy's work explores the origin, function and interactivity of different states of consciousness and the use of synchronization of sensory perceptions to integrate content into one’s sense of self. She works with physical and virtual interactive objects, wearable and immersive environments to access states of consciousness that allow us to communicate with our bodies.