Coenesthesia for Hospitals

Art and Virtual Realities as Healing Aids

Technology has the power to heal, to rehabilitate, and even extend human capability beyond natural, physiological levels
— Hugh Herr

To address the powerlessness, boredom and disconnection that comes with critical health situations. We create and curate art, VR and immersive installations for hospitals.



As physical beings enclosed in layers of skin, we have little direct access to our insides. When ill, feelings of powerlessness can set in at the inability to communicate with our organs. We aim to fix this feeling by creating a prosthetic link to our insides.


Hospital environments can feel cold, clinical, and drab. We aim to create sensorially choreographed content that teleports the participant into space designed to inspire.


The combination of biometric feedback with affect inducing content creates a loop of positive agency, powering up the participants vital force.


Connect with your insides or your friends or random players from around the world.