Prosthetics of Mind


We Create Biometrically Connected Games, Virtual Reality and Immersive Environments


An interactive biometric VR experience

Imagine you are the participant. You snap on the biometric chest trap, next you put on the VR headset and are transported to the virtual world.  The world is stormy and intense in the distance but sunny and calm where you are.  You can see your hands as you reach out to touch things. Artistic representations of internal organs are dispursed about the space. some are furry, others are rubbery, a variety of textures and interactions.  As you reach your arms straight ahead with palms facing out, you fly through the world in whichever direction you are facing. The spead is controlled through the rotation of your palms. Sounds are spacialized located at the point of interactions and others fill the space. Some objects purr when touched, others fart happily.  Your heart rate controls the organ movements and your breathing controls amenable objects within the world. These breath controlled objects are specifically designed to maximize the potential for a revitalizing affect. For example a unicycle is something quite precarious, it always seems like it shoudln't stay up, so when it does, it defies the odds and lifts our spirit. When we have direct prosthetic connection to this object and the ability to control it with our breath, then the uplifting sensation becomes a part of our reality, a part of our being.

Coensethsia in Pre-Production stage


player 1:

  • empowers the user to connect with thier internal organs in a positive affective way

  • inspires with multi sensorial input

  • has options enabling connection to loved ones or to chosen numbers of altuistic players sending positive energy.

 players 2+:

  • empowers a sense of positive participation with the experience of player 1

  • is an active outlet for altruistic intensions


Amenable Biometric Connections to Art and Virtual Environments

We create interactive works that use breathing and heart rate data to integrate content into the users sense of self. We pair biometrics with interactive installation art, games, VR and Hybrid reality works.

Biometrics in Coenesthesia: The virtual world is controlled by Player 1 who wears the biometric chest strap that translates heart rate and breathing data to organs and amenable objects within the virtual world.  The combination of synchronised sensation, visual and auditory input creates a sense that these virtual objects belong to the participants physical being. The ability to control the virtual objects with the participants own breath and heart rate gives the participant a sense of agency and control over their physical reality, inspiring and empowering them to get well sooner.


"Mindfulness requires an almost precognitive ability to sense and register affects just before they take hold, giving the participant the ability to steer their direction and manifestation." Wendy Whaley