Our Mission And Goals


Why VR?

“Because sometimes you need more space than is physically available to you!” Wendy Whaley



To address the powerlessness, boredom and disconnection that comes with critical health situations.


As physical beings enclosed in layers of skin, we have little direct access to our insides. When ill, feelings of powerlessness can set in at the inability to communicate with our organs. We aim to fix this feeling by creating a prosthetic link to our insides.


Hospital environments can feel cold, clinical, and drab. We aim to create sensorially choreographed content that teleports the participant into space designed to inspire.


The combination of biometric feedback with affect inducing content creates a loop of positive agency, powering up the participants vital force.


Connect with your insides or your friends or random players from around the world.

Options to connect on whatever level feels comfortable to the participant.


Through the creation and curation of interactive art projects that produce a revitalizing affect in the participant we aim to relieve the powerlessness, bordom and dissconnection felt when experiencing health care scenarios. Whether you are the patient, the partner, the nurse, the doctor, the parent or child we hope to uplift your spirit and give you strength to carry on.



To CREATE research driven artistic biometric XR explorations that are grounded in patient experience feedback.

To CURATE medical environments into inspirational settings.

To RESEARCH the effects of interactive art and revitalizing affect on patient experience.

To SUBSIDIZE the implementation of XR into Hospitals for Patient Experience.

To REVIEW existing games through the lense of our research studies.