Prosthetics of Mind


Technology has reached a place where virtual reality and biometrics are becoming more accessible to a larger audience. It is time to use these technologies in creative ways to tap in to the affects that can enhance our realms of experience and our understandings of them. There are huge healthcare potentials in pairing interactive immersive art and VR with coenesthetic affective content.

The Coenesthetic Aesthetic, is a mulit-modal, multi-sensorial aesthetic that combines biofeedback, and surreality with an aim at forming a revitalizing affect. Research into this affect resides at the intersection of cognative neuro prosthetics,  affect theory, play theory, and patient experience.

We are using our system to contribute to the growing body of research finding that virtual reality is an effective tool for supplementing treatment in some medical conditions.  We are always interested and look for new research connections.


Our system is based on the Coenesthetic Aesthetic.  This research is based on studies in cognitive neuro prosthetics research that shows that by choreographing synchronous sensory perceptions, a participant can gain a sense of body integration over non body objects.  The Coenesthetic Aesthetic takes this one step further and uses this system as a pathway to inject positivity directly into the body image.


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Are you looking for a way to enhance the customer experience, speed recovery rates and lower readmittance rates?

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Do you have experience with Unreal Game Engine, Touch Designer, C++, Arduino, Biometrics....?

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Are you a Doctor who sees value in uplifting the mood and state of mind of your patients and coworkers?

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